“Although we only stayed in each school for a short time, and sometimes language could be a gap especially when facing primary school kids, I could still feel the connection between us through every firm handshake and the heart-warming smile blooming on our faces.” – Kevin, TW Volunteer from Ministry of Health to LIN in Malawi, 2015

LIN in collaboration with Pingtung Christian Hospital and the Ministry of Health of Taiwan is hosting the third year alternative service volunteers program in Malawi. Two volunteers are serving in Mzuzu together with LIN-Malawi team.

Last week, through the visit to the youth health promotion and nutrition follow-up project, Cool Volley, supported by PTCH and Bjørgaas Social Welfare Foundation, one volunteer Kevin wrote the sentimental thought about the program and connection between human.

Cool Volley is a local community base organization and conducting volleyball sport promotion, health education and joint nutrition support program with LIN. Currently there are more than 420 young pupils join the project from 15 schools in Mzuzu city area.

The future is in their hands, and health is their right. We share the little we have and plant the hope in their heart. Sustainable development is our common goal and we believe together with the community in local and friends aboard, we can!