LIN is heading to support the community health care system in Malawi!

Today, the LIN-Malawi office visited the Nkhorongo Health Centre and the Health Surveillance Assistant (HSA) in its catchment area.

Observing how the HSA was doing the implementation of the integrated Management for Child Illness (IMCI) with the Community Case Management (CCM) System, we were touched and impressed the work he has done with a 1 year and 10 months girl…..

LIN Malawi office is cooperating with the research partners from Euope, Ministry of Health and other partners with the funding support from the EU FP7 grant, Supporting LIFE, to assist the community health care workers to utilize mobile technology to improve their quality of care.

The journey in front of us is long, and we know where to go. Let’s work hand in hand with the people in Malawi and from around the world!

We will be able to save more lives and have good quality of life in Africa!!

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