Diseases without borders, so do care.

In Malawi, patients in the northern region who goes to get health services from Mzuzu central hospital and Rumphi district hospital will be able to get their X-ray medical results in electronic form since begin of 2015, enabling digital transfer and exchange even with hospitals in other countries.

LIN in collaboration with the TaiwanICDF (TaiwanICDF) is working on a regional project to utilize information technology to assist the southern Africa region to tackle the issues of cross border patients (CBPs). The implementation of picture archiving and communication system (PACS) is one of the activities to assist the health care workers to provide care and treatment to the CBPs.

More efforts and scientific measures are needed, as addressed from the 2014 LIN Oslo conference Final Document ( http://goo.gl/MJaX1o ), LIN will continually work with partners to assist the region to achieve universal health access and sustainable development goals!

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