Southern Africa Region


In 2008, while LIN started its mission in Malawi, we observed the growing challenges of tracing HIV patients on treatment and cross the country borders to seek for better opportunities. The disruption of HIV care and lost-to-follow-up phenomenon is a critical issue to maintain the good health of people. Seeing the escalating challenges of cross-border patients (CBP) beforehand,  LIN initiated series of activities to tackle the issue in the Southern Africa region.

In 2009, LIN started the first regional forum in Zanzibar, Tanzania and subsequent forums were organized and well participated by the governments and development partners.

Following the success of the CBP advocacy and dialogue with partners, LIN managed to inititate a regional pilot project to explore the practical solutions to assist the aurthorites and target population for better cross-border health cares.

You may find the detail history of forum reports from this page.

Areas of work

  • 2014-2016: Strengthening the Management of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Hypertension among Mobile Populations in Southern Africa Project, mainly funded by TaiwanICDF