The deepest hunger of a human heart is to feel understood, valued and respected.

Luke International (LIN) works to restore human’s health and dignity through building bridges between local and international development partners, creating interfaces between health and technology, advocating and serving where the greatest needs are. We believe that our greatest strength lies in “togetherness,” where 1 plus 1 can be much greater than 2.

  • LIN defines its work as diaconal. Diakonia is a Christian word for service, reflecting the principles of the service of Jesus Christ:
    • Diakonia is based on God’s unconditional love to the world. It sees the need of your neighbor. It has a heart for the weak, poor and marginalized people.
    • Diakonia service is horizontal. It sees people as persons of equal value; it raises people up – aiming at empowering them, giving them opportunity to develop their potential.
    • Diakonia restores people and makes things new.

LIN believe in working together with people – based on mutual respect and understanding.