In Taiwan, Luke International (LIN) is working closely with Pingtung Christian Hospital (PTCH) and Bjørgaas Social Welfare Foundation (BSWF)

In order to provide better health information solutions both on Taiwan island and in our projects in southern Africa, the three organizations decided (early 2014) to establish an International Health Information team Office” (IHIO Taiwan)


We want to put energy in research and development; believing innovation in technologies can improve present processes and increase efficiency, resulting in less cost and manpower.

We mainly specialize in the following four levels of development and services:

  1. Hospital Information System

In Taiwan, the medical services and information technology is a mature and well-developed industry. Since 20 years ago, Pingtung Christian Hospital started to computerize medical related data from paper based system. Now there are more than 40 kinds of systems and 500 different indicators for hospital management. And to keep improving health service quality, we want to share the experience and have been planning to redevelop HIS from closure to an opening project in 2012. Through this project, we expect it allows countries with limited resources and lack of infrastructure could not only provide better medical services for patients but bring efficiency to hospital management.


  1. ICT Industry & Key Technologies

Nowadays, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is growing rapidly. Even in many developing countries, they have begun to use ICT products to upgrade the quality of national life. Therefore, we focus on developing medical services that relates to the ICT industry by the cooperation with academic exchanges and key technologies to share our results.


  1. Information Technology to Promote the Provision of Social Services

The information of innovation and R&D not only makes the society more advanced; the more important thing is to use these technologies to improve the lives of those disadvantaged groups. With Bjørgaas Social Welfare Foundation, we have proposed various solutions to practice the application of information.


  1. International affairs to promote health information

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” By giving different capacity building courses allow trainees to acquire information skills. In the short-term various courses such as the basic computer skills practice, program development, medical information application, and hospital clinical learning, we expect trainees can learn in implementations and spread the knowledge.