Malawi is rolling out vaccination campaigns to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Luke International (LIN) noticed a knowledge gap in the community regarding vaccines: people had unanswered questions about the vaccines and many were hesitating to get the gab. Thus, LIN delivered a series of awareness campaigns to sensitize the community on COVID-19 and encourage community members to get vaccinated.

LIN, in partnership with the Ministry of Health, visited 3 health districts (Mzimba North, Mzimba South, and Nhkata-Bay) in the Northern zone and conducted the awareness campaigns in July and August. The campaign reached out to more than 5600 people between 7 and 80 years old with health education messages about COVID-19. Health care workers from the Ministry of Health were part of the facilitation team, assisting in addressing COVID-19 disease and vaccine related questions. The targeted groups were further encouraged to get vaccinated, and spread the news to other community members.

A survey was administered to measure the knowledge of the reached population after the awareness campaigns. Out of the 105 randomly selected respondents, most of them had knowledge on how the virus is spread and the importance of vaccinations; 92 of the respondents said they would be willing to take the vaccine, with 13 responded against it, noting uncertainty of the vaccine’s effect.

The successful campaign was made possible by the self-initiatives of LIN colleagues, and the individual donors from Norway who provided resources to turn ideas into action. We stand together to restore human’s health and dignity! 

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