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Welcome to the inaugural newsletter for LIN interns & volunteers.

Luke International (LIN) has been running a global health internship and field placement program for medical and public health students since 2011. For many years, we have thought of formulating a network consisting of all the people who have worked with us for internships, field placements, and volunteer missions. We believe this network can be a valuable resource- to connect and share expertise, experiences and more. It will also allow us to stay in touch and give updates about the projects you have been involved with in Malawi. For everyone in the network, you may also find like-minded people who are interested in global health, international development and cross-cultural learning (remember the first time you have tasted “nsima”? Or heard the lively health education songs at the antenatal clinic?)

There have been some efforts to maintain contact with former interns and volunteers through personal connections, but this has not been done systematically. This year, we could not host any interns coming from outside of Malawi due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We take it as a good opportunity to look back and reach out to those who have visited us in the past. An online survey was created to compile contact information and inquire how and what people would like to hear from LIN. The survey was posted online and distributed by partner schools in October 2020. We want to thank everyone who have responded to the survey!

  • A total of fifty-eight (58) people responded to the survey.
  • All respondents said they will like to receive updates from LIN in the form of a newsletter.
  • The majority of respondents (97%) chose Facebook Group as a good way to keep in touch with others in the LIN network. Events and meetups were also a popular choice (53%).
  • ****The Facebook Group: LIN Interns and Volunteers Netwrok is now created! Link below****
  • Most of the respondents wanted to receive news about projects in Malawi (91%). This is followed by news about global health (83%), project development and collaboration opportunities (74%), and job opportunities (66%) .

Snapshot of Survey Respondents

Encouraging and warm messages.

Many people also left very encouraging and warm messages. Here’s a few to share!

Thanks for creating the survey, it would be awesome to connect with old friends and meet new friends from LIN. I want to express my appreciation to LIN for giving me the opportunity to visit Malawi, the journey made a significant impact on my career. It inspired me to think broadly about how a physician can do to improve the population health.

I think about my wonderful Malawi experience often. So happy I had the opportunity to become friends with people from around the globe. Miss you all at LIN, Malawi.

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The Facebook Group: LIN Interns and Volunteers “Network”:

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