As an intern at LIN, you will have the opportunity to learn about the practical aspects of implementing public health projects in a resource limited setting, the structure and current state of health services in Malawi, and make field visits to project sites. Medical students will be able to participate in clinical rotation at the Mzuzu Central Hospital and Mzuzu Health Center. You will be able to visit and learn about community projects that are aimed at empowering community-based organizations. You may also have the chance to participate in pre-defined research projects to take part in data collection, data entry and data analysis.


We field of work in which interns can be involved in at LIN include:

  • Health Information Systems Development and Deployment
  • Health Research
  • Medical Student Global Health Rotation
  • Community Development
  • Do you have an idea? Discuss with us!

We are a multi-cultural and inter-disciplinary organization. Here are some characteristics of past LIN interns:

  • Countries: Malawi, Taiwan, Japan and USA.
  • Academic Background: Medicine, Public Health, Biomedical Sciences, Dentistry, Computer Science, ICT…etc.
  • Academic Institutes: Mzuzu University (Malawi), University of Livingstonia (Malawi), National Yang Ming University (Taiwan), National Taiwan University (Taiwan), National Sun-Yet Sen University (Taiwan), Kaohsiung Medical University (Taiwan), University of Southern California (USA), University of Nagasaki (Japan).

Apply for Internship

There are two ways to apply for the internship at LIN.

  1. Established Internships Programs with Partner Schools

The current established internship programs include the following schools:

  • National Yang Ming University, Department of Medicine
  • National Taiwan University, School of Public Health
  • National Taiwan University, Department of Medicine

Students from the above three schools should apply for the internship and related scholarships through their schools.

  1. Application to LIN

We accept inquiries for internship placements. Fill out the internship application and send us your CV and Cover Letter. The availability of internship may be subject to the availability of a preceptor within LIN and the matching of needs. Please note that internships are unpaid positions.


Starting your internship?