As 2021 comes to an end, we have come to adjust to the ‘new normal’ of mask wearing and social distancing. While the world faced many challenges, it also showed us what incredible progress can be acheived when we are working towards a common goal. At LIN, our colleague can be seen at the national level, assisting the Ministry of Health in implementing technology required for the digital COVID-19 vaccine certificate.

At the districts and in the facilities, you will see them diligently support HIV clinics across 12 districts, ensuring that EMR systems are up and running, and that patient care will not be disrupted. In the communities, you will see them reaching out to girls and boys that are determined to not miss a day of school, and women and men trying to grow local initiatives to better their lives.

We look back at the year, proud of what was achieved, but also reflect on where we came short and how we can do better. We give thanks to those that have supported us, with prayers, well wishes and action. Happy new year!

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