This year, we were fortunate to host a group of energetic and talented students from around the world. Among the group are public health and medical students from National Taiwan University, Taiwan, pre-medical student from the University of Southern California, USA, and public health students from the University of Livingstonia, Malawi.

Thanks to our amazing mentors and partners in the field, hospital, lab and clinics, the interns learned about the operations at the microbiology laboratory at Mzuzu Central Hospital, shadowed clinicians and nurses at health centers and district hospitals, took part in Chitipa District Hospital’s follow up program for early infant diagnosis for HIV and AIDS, and traveled into the villages and out to the lakeshore around Malawi’s most rural village clinics to learn about the work of Health Surveillance Assistants. They also learned about the challenges of resource limitations, and how the dedicated health workers in Malawi are tackling the challenges and
delivering services to improve population health!

Global health field experience is about learning from observations, getting your foot dirty and participating in on-the-ground actions.

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