LIN through its community Developments Projects (CDP) conducted training on Broiler management and fee making course for Chitatata II, a local community based organization (CBO) comprises group of widows, and they are planning to start chicken farming business afterward.

Particularly the training came through because of what the CDP project officer for Community Based Organization (CBO) Patrick Hara described as “skill development before project implementation”.

“What we do before we implement a project is that we give them skills first, because it helps in the assessment of the project later, so before the women start the chicken business we thought of giving them the training first” Said Hara.

The trainers were from the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water development, in the Department of Health and Livestock Management. A group of four trainers stated that farming is an important business that’s why they go around offering trappings so as to help people make profits.

Nevertheless the women could not hide their joy but thank LIN and the authorities for offering them this training saying that it will make their business a success.

“We have been taught on how to take care of the chicken in terms of feed, medication and the environment they are supposed to be kept in, so this will reduce the number of chickens that will be dying thereby our profits will not be affected” said Patricia Phiri, group leader of Chitatata II.

Not only that, the women said that feed making on their own is quite affordable than the buying of the factory made feed which is quite expensive. “We will be able to reduce the costs thereby making a lot of profit that we would not have made if we bought the factory made feed!” said Sophie Nkhunga, a member exclaimed.

They also added that the training will help their personal businesses in the community.

Asked if the training was worth it, Hara said it was worth it because this training will help the group to be sustainable and it will also boost their income generating activities (IGA).