Happy International Day of the Girl Child!

Luke International (LIN) works with over 1000 girls in primary schools in Mzuzu City, Mzimba North and Nkhatabay promoting access to quality education. Good health for girls is intertwined with quality education as girls can learn with no interference if their menstrual hygiene is perfect. LIN has been working in Menstrual Health/Hygiene Management (MHM) through various interventions on the umbrella of reusable sanitary pads making project. In this project mother groups and girls have been taught how to make reusable sanitary pads which are then distributed to girls for free. Through this project, girls feel more comfortable attending classes and participating in school work just like their male counterparts without the feeling of shame or worry of soiling their uniforms.

The reusable pads making project has given girls an opportunity of equal access to quality education and more so closing the gap of inequality that has predominantly existed in the education sector between girls and boys.

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