[sircontheme-ingress]Waking up every morning Bertha had a hope of becoming an educated and influential woman in society, but her hopes proved to be futile until LIN came into the Picture of her life.[/sircontheme-ingress]

Bertha Nyirongo is one of the beneficiaries of LIN scholarship since the year 2013. She is an 18 year old girl coming from a local township in Mzuzu called Chamalaza.

She comes from a family that is disadvantaged, her parents divorced in the year 2005, the father is mentally disturbed and he disappeared, whereas the mother remarried, Ever since Bertha has been living with her older Brother who is currently waiting for Teachers posting.

In the past, Bertha and her brother were struggling to find school fees and in the year 2011, Bertha passed her PSLCE and was selected to go to Echilumbeni Community Day Secondary School but failed to register because of fees and she had no choice but repeat Standard 8.

While repeating she was enrolled on the LIN scholarship programme at Chamalaza Primary school, she was the only student who passed Primary School Leaving Certificate Examination (PSLCE) and was selected to Nkhorongo day Secondary school. Unfortunately Bertha was finding it hard to go to school because the distance of 16 Km was just too far from her home to Nkhorongo CDSS. Lucky enough with the committed assists of Luke international, Bertha was offered admission at Lukalazi Boarding secondary school, ever since her admission she has been the best performing student at the school.

The Head teacher of the school J.G Jere could not limit words but acknowledge that bertha is a hardworking student.

“She is very serious with her studies no wonder she has passed with colorful grades in her Junior Certificate Exams (JCE) and above that she does not get carried away by her fellow peers” narrated Jere.

Bertha startled everyone with her excellent grades in her JCE results and herself could not hide her happiness about the LIN scholarship, saying that she does not know where she would have been without this scholarship.

“I am very grateful to Luke International now I am able to go to school and have all the basic needs at school” said Bertha with a smile.

The community projects coordinator of LIN, Tina Dzama concurred with the school head teacher saying that Bertha is a hardworking, humble, well behaved and smart girl.

“She is very hardworking, smart and humble, and this was the more reason why we found her a place, because it is not only Her who commutes to Nkhorongo CDSS but when she approached us which some do not to complain, we saw some courage in her and thought that she had the potential to do better” Said Dzama.

Asked of who she would like to become in the future, Bertha Nyirongo said she would like to become an Accountant.

Meanwhile Luke international is supporting, 107 students in primary schools, 89 students in secondary school and 25 students in universities in Malawi and supporting by the Bjørgaas Social Welfare Foundation and Pingtung Christian Hospital from Taiwan.