Menstrual Hygiene Management Matters for Youth

The following is an excerpt.

On 15th March, collaborating with Doroba and Msazi community members, we organized the awareness-raising campaign under the theme of ‘Menstrual Hygiene Promotion at Community Level’, hoping to bring together stakeholders to advance the menstrual hygiene management in Doroba and Msazi. Our key messages are to promote the use of reusable sanitary pads for girls and women and to strengthen menstrual hygiene management in the communities.

Luke International began to work with women and teachers to promote menstrual hygiene for girls and assisted to establish Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) Committees in these two communities since 2017.

The campaign began with the march from Nkhrongo Primary School to Doroba Primary School to spread our messages to neighboring households, followed by a series of activities planned by local organizing committees, including drama, dancing and singing, poems reading and experience-sharing on the benefits of reusable sanitary pads. Several invited guests, including representative from District Educational Manager Office as the Guest of Honor, Zonal Primary Educational Advisor and Senior Chief gave speeches and recognized our efforts in promoting well being for girls and women during menstruation. MHM Committee from Doroba and Msazi also presented their handmade reusable sanitary pads for fundraising, aiming to outreach more girls in their own and neighboring communities since they are simple to make, smart to carry and saves money!

More than 500 people, comprising of students, teachers, MHM Committee members, parents, representatives from other organizations, and local residents participated in the campaign. With mobilization of the community, we can create a friendly environment for girls and increase awareness on MHM.

Let’s work hand in hand to make girls feel more comfortable and confident at school and at home!

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2019 First Research Seminar in Mzuzu

The following is an excerpt.

In collaboration of Mzuzu Central Hospital, University of Livingstonia, Mzuzu University and Luke International, more than 47 health care workers, lectures and researchers gathered in Mzuzu Central Hospital during 13-14 March for two afternoons research seminar.

The event was opened by Master Chisale, the research committee chair of Mzuzu central hospital and closed by the hospital director, Dr. Frank Sinyza.

Prof. Gunnar Bjune shared four topics to the audience. Fruitful discussion and interaction happened in between.

Four topics were covered during the seminar:

  1. Scientific writing (slides)
  2. How to prepare a research protocol (slides)
  3. Cohort study, design and practice (slides)
  4. How to find unexpected (slides)

LIN will continue its commitment to assist Malawi to cultivate in-country research and academic capacity for future development works.

Together, we can!

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Milestone of 10 years services in Malawi

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Visit of Hope

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The world is small and we are one

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South Africa’s New Initiation

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