How do we aggregate Fragmented Health Data in Malawi?

The answer is: by adopting an “interoperability layer”! The interoperability layer is essentially a set of standards and tools that helps different information systems communicate and send information to each other. This means: no more manaul downloads and importing, and trying to match which data goes where. This is one area of the work that is being done by the Kuunika Project: trying to figure out how to integrate data from various information systems into DHIS2, the national level health management information system. Working with the Ministry of Health and various technology and health partners, Luke International is one of the implementing partners of Kuunika Project. The project is funded by the Gates Foundation.The team adopted the OpenHIE framework, one of the global community of practice for health information exchange. The Malawi use-case is featured on the OpenHIE website. Good job team!

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