We are happy to share with you the most recent LIN Annual Report. In the report, you will find the news on the change of leadership in our Norway head office! We are also proud to share the progress made in the country offices in Malawi.

In 2021, our colleagues in Malawi have been working tiredlessly to support the Ministry of Health in its development and roll-out of digital health innovations. Through Kuunika Project efforts for system integration and interoperability, the team was able to rapidly develop and implement the COVID-19 electronic vaccination registry and digital vaccination certification. As a result, Malawi was one of the first countries in Africa that was able to produce digital COVID-19 vaccine certification. In collaboration with the Elizabeth Glasier Pediatric Foundation (EGPAF), LIN enhanced the Outpatient Department (OPD) module for the Electronic Medical Records System (EMRS) with improvements on user interface and other functionalities, responding to the needs of the health care workers.

LIN continues to support a vibrant group of researchers based in Mzuzu Central Hospital and Mzuzu University. The team successfully published five articles in peer-reviewed journals in 2021.

In the area of community development, LIN worked to suport community based case centers (CBCCs) providing training to volunteer caregivers on early childhood education. LIN also contributed to safe water, toilet construction and menstrual hygiene managment initiatives.

In the past year, we have seen our approach in building local capacity and focusing on country-led development is producing positive results. We believe that this is the right way to go, and hope that we can go even further together with our partners in the coming years!