To restore human’s health and dignity.

How we work

Luke International (LIN) works to restore human’s health and dignity through building bridges between local and international development partners, creating interfaces between health and technology, advocating and serving where the greatest needs are. We believe that our greatest strength lies in “togetherness,” where 1 plus 1 can be much greater than 2.

The deepest hunger of a human heart is to feel understood, valued and respected.


We all live in the same world.

We are one and we all live in the same world. To restore human’s health and dignity is a progressive journey. We have to actively assist and encourage each other. And thus we need to work together, LIN is serving as a bridge for all of us to work together!


We work together.

LIN works together with the hosting society and development partners to build bridges between them, to achieve the noble value of humanity.

LIN’s advisors

A group of professionals have volunteered to serve LIN with advises when needed.

Their professional background and relevant experience can be found here.

Join us

We work together.

Currently, LIN host volunteers through established programs organized by our partner organizations. The main area of work volunteers may be involved in is working with LIN’s community projects in Malawi.

Past volunteers have organized health education sessions for primary school students, coached tennis and table tennis at a youth sports club, provided photography and graphic design support etc. If you are interested in volunteering with LIN, contact us to discuss if your interest may meet our needs, please contact us for updates on volunteer opportunities.

Support us

If you want to provide financial support, please use the following information.

Name of bank: Sparebanken Sør | Address of bank: 4662 Kristiansand, Norway
SWIFT: SPSONO22 | IBAN: NO16 3000 5017 900
Account number: 3000.50.17900