LIN see the importance and needs to have good quality of health information to assist each levels of health system in the developing world to provide good quality health services to restore human’s health. The fundamental approach for this development work is through strengthening health information system (HIS) using WHO/HMN framework and standards for country health information system and  the Integrated Health Information System Architecture (IHIA).


LIN has long-term partnership with the Pingtung Christian Hospital which provides delegate and committed technical support to the facility and patient level’s hospital information system development. In each countries of HIS strengthening development mission, LIN believes in local capacity building and empowerment to locals to create the sustainability for the HIS development works. We work with the health authorities, health facilities, development partners and the frontline health care workers to develop solutions following best practices and to strengthen existing systems. We believe togetherness is the key to success and we are doing so.